So I’ve developed a really bad habit. I write almost exclusively on my laptop while comfortably nesting on my sofa – dangerously close to the kitchen, the television remote and my e-reader. During the final weeks of Goal 1, that set up worked well for me. Every day, I sat down and immediately had a story to sink my teeth into, so the distractions weren’t too detrimental. But now, while working on Goal 2, I’m finding the distractions are more entertaining than wrangling a blank page into shape.

When I was at my most productive, I had a whole room dedicated exclusively to office space. I had a nice, large desk with a standard desktop computer, a sizeable monitor, a full-sized keyboard and a window that overlooked my front flower bed. Best of all: the kitchen and the television were twenty-five-hundred square feet away.

Unfortunately, that room now belongs to my college-aged son.

I do have a desk space, but it’s much smaller, and honestly, I’m never comfortable with my keyboard on the desktop level, which is the end result of using a laptop on top of your desk. 🙂 Plus, as Terri and my mother will both tell you, I’m a total dork when it comes to filing. I don’t know why, but filing is my least favorite chore; therefore, my desk area is always covered in disorganized piles – not the most conducive layout for creativity.

Exhibit One: (Yikes. There’s a pair of socks on my desk. Socks? Really?)

Dirty desk

So, in order to up my productivity, I’ve decided to reclaim my writing space. I did ALL the filing, put the socks in my dresser, and dug out an external keyboard. Not the most luxurious, professional space, but it’s a huge step up from sharing the couch with my dog.

Exhibit Two:

Clean Desk

Even better news, I have completely eliminated a line from my mile-long list of “productive procrastination tasks”!

Now that I have reclaimed my write space, watch out blank pages. I’m gunning for you!

Dawn Temple

Back when her twin sons were young enough for daily naps, Dawn Temple took advantage of those quiet moments to pursue her dream of becoming a published romance writer. Sneaking in an hour here and there paid off in 2005 when she sold her first book, To Have And To Hold, to Silhouette Special Edition. She managed to secret away enough time to write and sell the second book in her Land’s Cross series, Moonlight And Mistletoe, but alas, her boys outgrew naps and Dawn let go of those stolen moments with her laptop to enjoy life with her two little guys and her big guy, hubby of 21 years.
But now, as an officially retired stay-at-home mom, Dawn has once again found the time and the creative drive to return to writing, and this time around, she’s set her sights on independent publishing. Her first self-published book, Peace of Heart, is scheduled for release in 2017.

11 thoughts on “THE WRITE SPACE

  1. WOW! That looks awesome! I can’t wait to see the writing results now that you have such a comfortable, creative conducive, Write Space. I want to see a follow-up picture on Friday – you got it organized; can you keep it that way? I know you just called me a BITCH – but I love you anyway 🙂

  2. Okay, I HAVE to ask. Why do your boys each have a bedroom AND have taken over your office space, too? It’s not like they pay rent or anything. I say do more than reclaim you desk. Kick ’em out and reclaim your room! And you thought Terri was a bitch?

    1. Currently, the feet and fart smell that comes with boys is dispersed across three rooms and a bathroom. Can you imagine the STANK if I compressed that by a whole room!!!

  3. One of your offspring doesn’t live in your house full time anymore. And the other one – make him bathe! Make his girlfriend make him bathe. Oh, and guess do his laundry, too. And wouldn’t moving back to your office help get you away from that pesky remote? All right, already – I’ll back off if you promise that you are WRITING, that you are striving to make it to the Dry Team. So, are you?

    1. Yep, I’ll be filing all this fantastic information under ADVICE TO FOLLOW ONCE LORINDA FINALY KICKS HER KIDS OUT OF THE HOUSE!

      In order to motivate me even further towards the dry team, I think I’m going to change all my screen savers to a pic of my dear friend SLOWLY pouring ice water over my head. Best not to forget that day, even for a minute!

  4. YAY on your cleared desk!

    I love love love a clean writing space, but struggle to keep one… I guess it’s a good thing we’ve started haring off camping periodically. Camping forces me to sort myself out before I go because I love coming home to clean sheets, a neat house, and a clean desk, not necessarily in that order.

    Maybe this website should have been called It sounds like we’re slowly removing ours, one-by-one!

  5. And I LOVE nagging you, Dawn, to set aside all those naughty excuses and write! And FYI – my kids pay rent AND bathe! Booyah!

    And I won’t lie – when I come back from vacation, I like clean, tight sheets on my gloriously soft, comfortable bed, a clean house, and empty laundry baskets (cause I know I’m fixing to fill them up). I always clean BEFORE I leave, including my huge desk (a gift from BK – don’t you know!)

    Got my word count done for the day. Off to watch Outlander. I swear, that show is my crack cocaine.

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