My Writing Playlist

My Writing Playlist

I struggle to evoke emotion on the page. To help overcome that weakness, I write to music. Of course, it all depends on the characters, the scene, and what exactly I’m trying to accomplish, but I thought I’d share some favorites on my playlist.

My new favorite, which I recently shared with my critique group, comes from a video game, of all places. From Past to Present – The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Original Game Soundtrack . As I told my critique partners, this is the tone I want to establish when I work on my epic fantasy.

I love Alpha males, and when I need some bad ass male angst, I dig Daft Punk TRON Legacy – The Game Has Changed.

What do I listen to when I need to write my hero in emotional pain? A local band from Baytown, TX called Saturate, Soul Element.

When I need muscle or action, I like bunches of songs by Linkin Park, but my favorites are:  New Divide;  Numb;  Breaking the Habit;  In the End; and  Somewhere I belong.

Epic struggle – The Last of the Mohicans Theme, Promontory by Trevor Jones.

Heroine angst – Evanescence – Bring Me To Life.

Beauty – Afer Ventus by Enya.

Proud heroine sending her hero off to war – Now We Are Free – Gladiator theme.

War – John Williams, Braveheart Theme.

You can find some really good playlists on YouTube. Here’s one I like, World’s Most Emotional Music | 2-Hours Epic Music Mix – Vol.1.

And then of course, you can build your own channels on Pandora. I like Lindsey Sterling.  Her channel introduced me to all kind of cool new artists like Black Mill – great for techno –   and Audiomachine.

I know some folks don’t like writing to music, but I’ve often found that as I’m tip tapping away, the right song for the right moment just seems to come along – too often to be chalked up to coincidence. I like to think of it as the Writing Muses working in tandem with the Music Muses.

For those of you who also write to music, I’d love for you share what you use to evoke emotion on the page.

Lorinda Peake

Lorinda Peake wrote her first ditty when she was ten on an English seashore while visiting her British grandmother. From then on, her family either acted in or were treated to plays, skits, or commercial spoofs. In school, she wrote poetry, fables and short stories.

Years later, she tossed down a particularly bad novel and thought, “I could do at least that well.” She’s been pursuing the elusive published novel ever since. Recently, she joined a group of fellow writers who decided to cajole, bully, encourage, and sometimes baby each other along towards the publishing goal by setting real and measurable writing objectives with “motivational” consequences for non-attainment.

Lorinda loves a good romance – all the more if it is wrapped in a great fantasy setting. She lives on the Texas Gulf Coast with her husband of 34 years.

9 thoughts on “My Writing Playlist

  1. I love your musics. 🙂 I’ve tried and tried to write to music, but either I’m singing along, directing the music (if I use classical music with no words) or I just flat don’t hear it, and surface hours later to hear silence after 5 CDs have played all the way through. I finally just gave up. Sigh…

  2. I have to watch out for music with lyrics, too. But I have mother ears, and can mostly tune it out and get only into the sound. Sometime thought, I won’t lie, I want to hear the words. So I crank up the volumn, sing really loud and off key, get into the groove of the song, then lower the volumn to get back to typing.

  3. These are great choices, Lorinda. Very evocative! I can hang out in those fantasy vibes all day long…

    Since I’m currently writing a 1950’s-set of short stories, I’m listening to lots of Vic Damone, The Flamingos, The Skyliners. Yeah, all the romantic and rockin’ oldies.

    It certainly puts me in a particular mindset and evokes a very specific mood! I keep seeing polka dots, poodle skirts, and bobby socks…

    1. I’m like Gail. I do have to watch out for song with easy to sing along with lyrics – although sometimes, I need to take a break from the words on the page and groove a bit to the words in a song. It’s funny though how my fantasy music is what I also listen to when I’m writing my romance. I think that, in part, influences the tone of my story. Remember when I told y’all I was going for a lighter tone. Ha ha. That isn’t really happening, now is it? And you know that my fantasy story is waking up inside me – not fully awake yet, but definitely stirring.

  4. I’m a huge fan of music when I write, but I don’t necessarily listen to different artists to achieve different tones. My go-to fave is Nora Jones’ COME AWAY WITH ME. I know every word of every song by heart, and find that it occupies one part of mind and allows the little pie-shaped piece of grey matter responsible for my creativity to work unchecked.

    Other favs: Kenny Chesney’s GREATEST HITS; The MOMMA MIA SOUNDTRACK and anything by CARLY SIMON.

  5. Cool songs and certainly lends credence to your fabulous voice. I wonder though, do you find yourself listening to one song over and over again? I do that sometimes. If one song is particularly speaking to me while I’m writing, I loop that sucker. Sometimes for a certifiably long period of time.

  6. Movie soundtracks and “study music” are my tendencies. Although my preference is often to write in complete quiet.

    Still, I create music playlists for novels or characters. It’s helpful to set the tone! I’ll have to check out your picks.

  7. I use music to create, but when in serious edit mode, I also work in silence – that is if I can get silence in the looney bin I live in!!!

    Enjoy NY. Fingers crossed for your success.

  8. I like quite when I write. If I listen to music its to easy for me to get caught up in the lyrics and/or beat and completely loose track of what I’m working on – guess I have a one-track mind. To clarify, I love music, just not while I’m writing/working/doing anything that takes concentration.

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