The Ice Bucket Cometh

The Ice Bucket Cometh

Thanks to everyone for your support! I’m deeply humbled by the outpouring from friends and fellow writers. You folks are THE BEST!

I could not have completed these novellas without the encouragement, threats motivation, and thoughtful critique of the women of this blog. I’m indebted to the three of you, no question!

Which, of course, brings us to the really fun part of each goal period: The Dunkings!

On August 1st, in the hottest part of the day, we all trooped down to the back patio, filled up a five-gallon bucket of ice water, and proceeded to motivate dunk Dawn and Terri in turn.

Poor Dawn. She thought I’d be nice.

Unfortunately for her, I’d learned important lessons from the undisputed Ice Queen of Torment during Dunking #1, when Lorinda pointed out the virtues of the Trickle method over the Whoosh and Done technique.

As a result, Dawn Temple performed the very first Self-Dunking on record:

Dawn Temple

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Yes, folks, she ripped that bucket right out of my hands. She’s a take-charge kind of gal. Even the stone lion is in awe.

Meanwhile, Terri Rich finished off her dunking with a little stylin’:

Terri Rich

View the video on the WoC Facebook page

Not bad considering she got popped on the head with an ice chunk roughly the size of Massachusetts…

And a big CONGRATS! to Lorinda Peake for powering through the second draft of her first novella and meeting her second round goal! The Dry Team grows!

I’m really looking forward to the next goals because they involve Dawn’s third book in her trilogy, Lorinda’s second novella in her trilogy, and a return to Terri’s romantic suspense novel. Yay! for fresh stories and the revisit of a fun and engaging suspense novel!

Next goal date: February 1, 2016


Sandra K. Moore

Sandra K. Moore has been writing one thing or another since she could scribble on a Big Chief tablet. A former Silhouette Bombshell author, Sandra has given up (temporarily) the kickass heroine and is now writing from her softer side for the self-published Promise House series. This novella quartet explores the journeys of four young women finding their way — and remaining true to themselves — through the social expectations and turmoil of 1950’s Houston.

7 thoughts on “The Ice Bucket Cometh

  1. Having taking a dunking in both February and August, I can attest to the fact that is way more motivating in February. No dilly-dallying around this time. Working on my next goal as we speak!

    1. Frick, I forgot about the 1000-word goal that was tossed out there as, dare I say it, an icebreaker when we were discussing Goal #3.

      I’m going to be curious where we all stand on December 1st, before Holiday Madness reigns…

  2. Yes, Dawn, I totally agree – the February dunking was definitely more ‘motivational’. This time around, while setting my goal, I’m taking a page from Lorinda’s book – my goal is not aggressive – it’s a goal that WILL BE easily achieved. More on that later!

    Sandra – you are our champion! You set an aggressive goal for our Feb challenge and you blazed the trail onto Dry Team One – where you stood alone. You set more aggressive goals for Aug and again, you walked that path like a pro! You are my inspiration.

    Lorinda Dear, yes I made a somewhat disparaging remark about the non-aggressive terms of your second challenge. Let me explain, but first – YES, I AM VERY PROUD OF YOU FOR REACHING YOUR GOAL! I am very happy that you are writing consistently and for more years than either of us want to admit to, I have been your biggest champion; your writing ROCKS! I am thrilled that eventually someone beyond your critique partners might get to learn that fact. And now for the HOWEVER,– well wait – first let me say that the nature of this group is that we each get to set our own goal and we each get to police our achievement of that goal and in no way do I mean to insinuate you did not do exactly that. And, yes, I recognize that you have a day job and your husband is in freaking Afghanistan and now you are about to be Grannie Annie for the 1st time – so happy and proud for you! and OF you. That said – now its time for the HOWEVER – Here is what I think motivated your second goal. PAYBACKS! You are running SCARED because you were MEAN to Dawn in February when you slowly, took forever trickling that bucket of ice-water over her head – especially after she truly followed the letter of the challenge by DUNKING you – YOU then every so slowly trickled that bucket of ice water over HER! It is not an Ice Bucket Trickle Challenge! It’s an Ice Bucket DUNKING challenge. (Merriam Webster; dunk : to dip quickly into a liquid : to push under water or other liquid for a short amount of time.) And at this point I’m calling Sandra out too – the ice-bucket challenge is not meant to be PUNISHMENT – it is MOTIVITATIONAL! Trickling ice over someone, be it February or August – is PUNISHMENT! So, there – I got that off my chest! Look forward to hearing what YOU and SANDRA have to say to that!

    In closing, let me just say this – dear Ann and Sandra – DON’T EVER GET YOURSELVES ON THE WET-TEAM – PAY BACKS ARE HELL, AND SINCE YOU HAVE BOTH REDEFINED DUNKING – well, Dawn and I are quick learners!

    1. For those of us who are slow learners, sometimes the “motivation” comes after we’ve experienced the “consequences” of not meeting our goals (or setting the goal too dang high to start with (Dawn)).

      But I assure you, every trickle was delivered with respect and affection, even if it may have felt otherwise.

      That said, I expect — get that, EXPECT — both you and Dawn to meet your goals for February. I imagine that February will be a bit of a disappointment if everyone makes The Dry Team, but that’s the price of success.

      And no, I will not miss my goal for February. I’ve tasted the sweet flavor of triumph and don’t intend to give it up any time soon!

    2. WHAT! I OBJECT! “I’m taking a page from Lorinda’s book – my goal is not aggressive – it’s a goal that WILL BE easily achieved.” How RUDE! My goal setting does NOT lack aggression, and is NOT easily achieved. It’s called SETTING REALISTIC GOALS. This time around, it came down to the wire. I finished with four days to spare. See how big the ice chunks are in your next bucket, girlfriend. And I plan to be the one pouring!!!!

  3. WHAT, WHAT! I OBJECT again. Five pound buckets of ice water are heavy. I was only being cautious. Think what might have been “easily achieved” if I’d poured “aggressively”. Why you might have been rendered unconscious. You should be thanking me rather than threatened me. No matter. I plan to stay on the Dry Team, so your threats are pointless. You, on the other hand, better hit the keyboards running. I’m waiting in the wings. Bawhahahahaha!

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