When Pigs Fly

When Pigs Fly

When Pigs FlyAh, the new year – that wonderful, magical time when all things seem possible. And why should this year be any different? So for me, this year, I decided to focus on making that one, elusive writing goal that despite my best intentions has somehow managed to evade fulfillment.

So my long-term, never before reached goal is . . . drum roll, please – Publication. “Yeah, yeah, I’ll make that goal When Pigs Fly.” Sound vaguely familiar? When Pigs Fly

During my RWA chapter’s Christmas party, we wrote out our writing resolutions. These goals are kept and read 12 months from now at next year’s Christmas party. But what if that goal(s) was broken down into twelve more manageable parts?

What if each month, I stated my “When Pigs Fly” mini-goal for this month is . . . (which represents one step in a larger yearly goal).When Pigs Fly

This January – that time when all things again become possible — has been declared as the “When Pigs Fly” Year of Achievement.

When Pigs FlySo all my fellow writers, let me hear about the first of your “When Pigs Fly” twelve manageable parts of your larger yearly goal. A mouthful? I concede. But the point is to state that mini-goal publically, to track it, to have some help in holding yourself accountable.

We can talk through adjusting your goals as life and circumstances intrude, as it inevitably will, and we can cheer when you achieve your When Pigs Fly goal for the month and move on to the next one.When Pigs Fly

In two thousand and sixteen, let us all have an unparalleled year of writing achievement rivaling any successes we’ve had in the past. Let us look forward with purpose and drive to what we can achieve this year, going even beyond what we think we can accomplish.

When Pigs FlyLet us turn the negative connotation of “When Pigs Fly” into a term of success, a badge of honor, a proud moment when that damn pig will actually get up and fly around the room!

My When Pigs Fly goal for January is to reach the black moment in my current WIP.

When Pigs Fly



Lorinda Peake

Lorinda Peake wrote her first ditty when she was ten on an English seashore while visiting her British grandmother. From then on, her family either acted in or were treated to plays, skits, or commercial spoofs. In school, she wrote poetry, fables and short stories.

Years later, she tossed down a particularly bad novel and thought, “I could do at least that well.” She’s been pursuing the elusive published novel ever since. Recently, she joined a group of fellow writers who decided to cajole, bully, encourage, and sometimes baby each other along towards the publishing goal by setting real and measurable writing objectives with “motivational” consequences for non-attainment.

Lorinda loves a good romance – all the more if it is wrapped in a great fantasy setting. She lives on the Texas Gulf Coast with her husband of 34 years.

4 thoughts on “When Pigs Fly

  1. I guess the first step is to identify my whole-year goal, right? Can’t break it down into twelve parts until I know what the whole is. Since my year goal would have to be finishing the three-book series I’m about halfway through with so I can self-publish them. Therefore, I’ll state my January When Pigs Fly goal as roughing out my character sketch of Book 3’s hero.

    1. Oh, goodie. Since Darcy and Simon’s story is winding down, I can’t wait to dive into those new, lovely pages. Oink, oink!

  2. I love the “break it down” idea of the monthly mini-goal. You’re right: Those mini-goals add up to a nice standard-sized goal, and are far less intimidating to ponder.

    At this point, my mini-goal for January will be just to get my head out of some coding I committed to and a couple more chapters of Evelyn written…

    1. Always had trouble with goals that were too big, too intimidating. Smaller goals – well, those I have better luck managing.

      And – I loved that little flying pig. He seems so happy and enthusiastic. Going to try and emulate those feelings

      I have a bit less than a month to get to my WPF (When Pigs Fly) goal of reaching the black moment. I already know what it is – just not quite how I’m going to get my characters there.

      Ah, the joy of discovery. Going to try and learn to love that, too. Or at least like it.

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