Keep Those Creative Juices Flowing (Staying the Course)

Keep Those Creative Juices Flowing (Staying the Course)

Creative JuicesLast month, a ton of us made New Year’s Resolutions – ways in which we planned to improve our health, our behaviors, and our writing. As we reach for February, most of us are still on track (fingers crossed), but this is the part where keeping those promises to ourselves starts getting hard. Where life begins to encroach on our intentions, and where those old, ingrained, and comfortable habits begin nibbling at the edges of our willpower.

So I Googled Ways to Inspire Creativity, and came across an interesting site at Write To Done, in an article titled, 201-ways-to-arouse-your-creativity. Take a gander at how the article starts out. “Creativity is like sex.” (Holy moly. That grabbed my attention right away. How about you?) The article went on, “You fumble your way through, you get lost in it, you fall in love. Both are passionate, rhythmic, pleasurable, and flowing. Both can bear fruit. And both can rack your soul with vulnerability, bliss, fear and awkwardness.”

The article then lists 201 ways from a variety of different sources that you might employ to jumpstart your creative juices, and hopefully, in the process, keep those resolutions. Perhaps even allow you to achieve your monthly and eventually your yearly When Pigs Fly goals.

So, I looked over the list, and picked out my favorites (in no particular order), but if you are in need of a kick start, go the site and read the list for yourself. You never know what will end up being the elixir for your creativity.

  1. Quit beating yourself up. You can’t create when you feel ass-whipped.
  2. Write crap.
  3. Finish something.
  4. Do an info-dump so your head is clear enough to create instead of worry.
  5. Experience sights, sounds and smells. Sitting still won’t bring new ideas in; experimenting and trying new things will.
  6. Choose just one creative aim for the day. What one creative project can you begin/continue/finish today?
  7. Mindmap. Whether you use key words, images, colors, a hierarchy system, numbers, outlines, circles or random words, mindmapping gets your creative juices flowing.
  8. Start small.
  9. Don’t try for perfect. Just get it out there, asap, and get feedback.
  10. Constantly make it better.
  11. Ignore the naysayers.
  12. But let criticism help you grow.
  13. Teach and you’ll learn.

I’ll add a number 14, this one from me. As February stares you in the face, recommit. Remind yourself why you made your resolution in the first place, and then grab on to whatever muse-inspiring method works for and work your goals. Other are right there with you, struggling to improve, to make themselves into stronger people, and who knows, maybe even finish a novel ;o)


Lorinda Peake

Lorinda Peake wrote her first ditty when she was ten on an English seashore while visiting her British grandmother. From then on, her family either acted in or were treated to plays, skits, or commercial spoofs. In school, she wrote poetry, fables and short stories.

Years later, she tossed down a particularly bad novel and thought, “I could do at least that well.” She’s been pursuing the elusive published novel ever since. Recently, she joined a group of fellow writers who decided to cajole, bully, encourage, and sometimes baby each other along towards the publishing goal by setting real and measurable writing objectives with “motivational” consequences for non-attainment.

Lorinda loves a good romance – all the more if it is wrapped in a great fantasy setting. She lives on the Texas Gulf Coast with her husband of 34 years.

4 thoughts on “Keep Those Creative Juices Flowing (Staying the Course)

    1. I tend to be scattered, and mind mapping helps me sort things out. Also reveals where my plot is weak, hopefully before I waste a bunch of time writing myself into a corner. Yikes!

  1. Great resource, Lorinda. I especially love:

    Write crap.
    Don’t try for perfect. Just get it out there, asap, and get feedback.

    Too often I find myself sifting through all of the day’s new words trying to find that little block of quartz I can sit there and polish until it’s perfect. The reality is, sometimes I get too close to the material and can’t see that I’m polishing a plain old rock. I need the critique group to help me discern what’s worth keeping and what needs to be set aside for another day/story/character.

    These are terrific tactics to just keep going. Thanks!

  2. My favorite is #1 – Quit beating yourself up. You can’t create when you feel ass-whipped. Love the word choice. Love the sentiment.

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