Busy is Better WHEN You Are Getting Things Done

Busy is Better WHEN You Are Getting Things Done

Have you ever heard someone say, “The busier I am, the more I get done.” Honestly I’ve always thought – well, duh Captain Obvious. You’re getting more done because you are busy. I was wrong. You can be busy and get nothing done. Busy is better WHEN you get more done. Okay, it seems like I said the same thing, just in a slightly different way. Let’s see if I can explain it?

Health issues have forced me to be idle for much of 2017. Fatigue, shortness of breath, asthma, sinus snot-rocks, heart failure, anemia, — seems every few months they are adding something new to the mix. I’m now actively under the care of 7 doctors – seeing them is keeping me busy, but I’m not get much of anything DONE.

ON THE PLUS SIDE – there is a light at the end of my tunnel and I’m pretty sure it isn’t a train!But, this isn’t about my health. It’s about being busy. I don’t work out of my home and haven’t for almost six years. My time is pretty much my own. Before going to see doctors started dominating my life, I chose to spend time taking care of my husband and home, writing, caring for my grandsons, spending time with family, working on home improvement projects, and planning family birthday and holiday celebrations (it’s a big family!).

I wish I could also add being my husband’s personal secretary to the list — something I did and enjoyed, even if he doesn’t acknowledge he ever had it so good (lol). These days, if he was smart, he would fire me – fortunately I’ve got 40+ years on the job and he is cutting me lots of slack! During the last six years, three back surgeries became a part of my history – so instead of me taking care of him, he has been taking care of me and a lot of the chores that are mine have fallen to him. Let me clarify – his job pays the bills. My job is everything else, so that when he is home we can spend time together. That means grocery shopping, laundry, car maintenance, home maintenance, banking, bills, all that day–to-day stuff. That system worked well for us. Or rather, it did until the first back surgery started putting limitations on my physical strength and ability.

And, since I had pneumonia in February, the little I was still doing has also fallen to him.

But, I’ve been busy. For example, this week I have appointments on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday with my Cardiologist, Pulmonologist and Hematologist. When not in a doctor’s office,  all I was allowed to do, and honestly all I had the energy to do, was reading or staying zoned out watching HGTV.

I’m better. I’m not ready to take on the world yet, but in the last few weeks I find I have the energy to do a little more, and then just a little more after that. I’m a long way from where I want to be, but I’m fairly confident all the roads that need to be on my map are finally there and I’m traveling on the best route to get back to healthy and active.

I’m busy and productive again! I’m doing fun stuff. And learning stuff. I have six project notebooks on my desk:

1. A new story to write/tell – The Hoarding Heiress. And I’m meeting with my critique group again!

2. Scrivener – (a program for writers) I’m going through the full tutorial and trying to make sense of at least ½ of what I’m reading.

3. MY Health organizer – meds, doctors, appts, research, questions, etc. (remember 7 doctors – yes, it takes a project notebook!)
4. A surprise party for a family member     it’s a surprise so that’s all I can say.

5. Seeking HOA approval to replace and add new fencing – gotta love the HOA and the red-tape and delays. I am grateful they watch out for my neighborhood, but come on people, at the end of the day – it’s just a fence. Seriously, this should not take a project notebook!

6. I’m also designing a build out for a few closets. Rick did an excellent job designing and building out his media closet. Next up is the laundry room and then my closet and then on to tackle library shelving. Remember all those hours zoned out with HGTV – not totally wasted!

And, even though I don’t have project notebooks for them, I’m also planning a trip with friends, and my critique partners and I are putting together a raffle basket to donate to my writing group’s conference: HBARWA – 2017 Starfish Writers Conference (more info here: http://www.hbarwa.com

I’m not doing a lot. Yet. But, I’m doing more. Certainly I am a long way from what I was capable of twenty years ago (or even six years ago)– but this it’s enough. For now. I’m busy. And I’m getting things DONE! And some of those things are writing! And exercising my brain! And some are fun.


Have you written today?

Terri Rich

Terri Richison (writing as Terri Rich) lives in Clear Lake City, TX with her husband and a giant Great Dane (giant even by Great Dane standards). She is working on self-publishing women’s fiction and avoiding getting a pie in the face if she doesn’t produce pages for every critique session! PIES OR PAGES! Terri started telling stories almost as soon as she could talk – she learned everything she needed to know about storytelling at her grandmother’s knee. Craft however, is something she is still learning – those damn commas give me nightmares!

4 thoughts on “Busy is Better WHEN You Are Getting Things Done

  1. I’m getting a pacemaker! This is a good thing!
    (okay, honestly, I’m just posting to see if my comments show up – a # of people have commented that they can’t post comments.

  2. Busy with a purpose (maybe two or three purposes) does seem to inspire more production. And getting one thing done will typically inspire me to get something else accomplished. It’s just such a damn shame that my “inherited ” laziness is a monster I cannot seem to slaughter – at least not for long. Laziness is just so gloriously decadent, which is why I love it so. Ah another lifelong struggle!

  3. busy with a purpose – I like it – unless that purpose is keeping doctors appointments – which I’m headed to again today. So, I’m going to edit your Busy with a purpose – to Busy with a PRODUCTIVE PURPOSE! Cause all these damn doctors aren’t producing anything but more money for Big Pharma and more stress for me.

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